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For cutting edge trailers designed to your specifications, all at incredible prices, contact the best trailer manufacturers in Australia. Our friendly and helpful staff at Phoenix Trailers are on hand to help you build a trailer that adds intrinsic value to your everyday life. Whether you need it for work or need it for everyday tasks, a trailer built by our experts is assured to get the job done day in, day out. Call today and find out why our happy customers recommend us as the preferred trailer manufacturer operating successfully throughout Australia.

Brisbane’s renowned trailer manufacturer

With decades of combined experience as trailer manufacturers who build functional, well designed and affordable products, you can trust that our team at Phoenix Trailers is ready to tackle the challenge of building your perfect trailer.

We’re renowned by customers across Australia as a trailer manufacturer who backs up their promise of completely customised trailers, by providing innovative products built entirely around your needs.

What makes our trailers so reliable is that we handle every aspect of our business under one roof. From fabrication and construction, all the way to painting and fitting accessories, we ensure that every trailer we build stands up to our strict in-house policy for both quality and affordability.

What this means for you is a top-quality trailer, at factory floor prices. We don’t cut corners on materials either, choosing to source from reputable suppliers within Australia at the most competitive prices, so we can pass even more savings on to our customers.

Custom Trailer Manufacturer

Finding a trailer manufacturer who can perfectly meet your specifications for a completely customised trailer can be tough, that’s why we aim to make the process quick and easy at Phoenix Trailers. Through our comprehensive consultation service, we draft a design that accounts for the specifics of your trade or the everyday tasks you need your tailer to perform.

Dependable products are what we deliver at Phoenix Trailers, which is why so many of our clients throughout Australia trust our products to perform for them day after day.

We’re also on hand to provide expert advice and maintenance on request. Keeping a trailer in good working condition ensures that it continues to provide value years into the future. We believe that our role as a trailer manufacturer extends far beyond the time when your new trailer leaves our shop, that’s why our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand for repairs or upkeep upon request.

Trailers for Tradespeople; By tradespeople

At Phoenix Trailers, we’re completely aware that as a professional tradesperson, your hardware is quite literally your livelihood.

You spend a lot of money on your tools and rely on their dependability to get the job done right. The same should apply to the place you house them in, and when that place needs to come with you wherever you go, you need a trailer manufacturer whose up to the task of safeguarding your success.

To other trailer manufacturers, building trailers for tradespeople is just like any other job.

That’s not how we think at Phoenix Trailers, however. Every stage of our design and building is aimed at providing more value than our competitors. We source materials made to stand up to the toughest conditions and create storage solutions that are both innovative and effective in their implementation. We then fit custom accessories that help you get work done with maximum efficiency.  All of this and more is provided with our keen eye for detail and dedication to providing the most affordable prices we possibly can.

Trailers for everyday use

Our role as a trailer manufacturer means building trailers that augment your ability to successfully complete day to day tasks.

Throughout its lifespan, a trailer can fulfil so many uses that it makes them an almost necessary piece of hardware to have at the ready.

Whether you’re moving furniture, taking items to the local landfill or just need to load up the dirt bikes for a weekend away, a Phoenix made trailer can facilitate all of this and more.

Our customers place their trust in us as trailer manufacturers who build products that meet the everyday demands of their busy lives. Whatever your specific needs, our friendly and helpful staff are on hand to accommodate your specifications and create a hand-built product that you’ll be proud to own for decades to come.

Our role as a trailer manufacturer begins during a one on one consultation, where we work alongside you to begin the process of creating a trailer built to your exact vision.

You’ll find that our designs are incredibly versatile, being able to easily accommodate any specific requirements you may have. Drawing on our wealth of knowledge as trailer manufacturers with decades of experience, we’re able to effectively advise you on ways that you can get more out of your trailer and how we can provide state of the art features and accessories that create value while saving you money.

Because our trailer manufacturers handle every aspect of your build in house, we’re able to provide you with a firm price for your trailer, as well as a concrete delivery date that you can rely on.

We also back our builds with a complete product warranty, giving you the peace of mind that your new trailer keeps providing you with value even after it leaves our factory.

A large part of what has made us a successful trailer manufacturer across Australia, is that we believe that every trailer we build should be able to easily fulfil multiple roles throughout its life.

Our intuitive design process and state of the art storage solutions mean that your trailer can hold your tools during the week, and your camping gear on the weekend, all while standing up to even the toughest terrain and weather conditions.

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