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Expedition 134 Box

X-COVER Rooftop tent

The innovative, coverless, roof top tent that carries your bike, kayak, or surfboard

Anyone who's ever had a soft-shell roof top tent will tell you: that darn PVC cover takes so long to take off and put back on. Plus, it's just dirty.

With the X-Cover, simply zip open the fabric side, open your tent, and be ready to camp in 2-3 minutes.

All Roada The off-road Trailer

All the versatility of the pod trailer with the ability to go off the beaten track

Whether you’re thundering down punishing tracks or cruising along wide open beaches, you will forget you had anything on the tow-ball. With its soft travel off-road suspension and aerodynamic shape, the All-ROADA has to be the most versatile and economical off-road trailer to tow anywhere.

30 Second Wing Awning

Manufactured from high quality and durable aluminium frame, the 30 Second Wing Awning will provide you with nearly 12sqm of shade in under 30 seconds. It only takes one person to set it up and you will be enjoying your day within 30 seconds.

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